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Rahul asks:

Hey… I am rahul and i’m from India. I’ve been playing since 2 years and now I think that each and every slap bass tune I play is almost alike.. Pls help!


Dear Rahul!

You are a young bass player and are probably unfamiliar with different styles of funk. You need to expand your knowledge and learn something new! Get yourself a quality textbook and practice examples from there. You will get many new ideas on how to play your bass and the possibilities it offers.

I also recommend you get yourself a good teacher and find other musicians, explore the music with them, don´t just play by yourself. This way you will gain experience and get many new ideas on how to play. It is more fun too!

And listen to various artists, don´t only stick to one genre. YouTube offers many good examples of funk as you probably know already. Explore, practice (a lot!) and cooperate with others!

I wish you much succes!


Ruud asks:

Dear Ladislav,
I’m playing bass for 12 years now, just for fun, in a small band, and with finger-pick style. I own an Ibanez Prestige SR3005 5-string bass and I’ve decided to take up slapping.  Looking for guidance I came accross your great website and I’m considering buying your E-book. My compliments for your work here ! But I’m finding it quite hard to do slap exercises on my Ibanez, due to the fact that the strings are close laying together on that small-sized neck. Is a 4 string bass with a bigger neck and more space between the strings a better option for a starting point?
Thanks in advance for your advice!
Regard, Ruud Jeursen, The Netherlands


Dear Ruud!

Ideal guitar for funk slap would be a four string bass guitar. Choose one that has a wide neck and also has a wide enough space between the frets. I personally use Ibanez ATK 400 TB, it is a great guitar for playing funk slap, I can recommend it.

Best regards, I wish you much success!


Misty Roberts asks:

Hi, I’m new at bass guitar  and my teacher has been having problems with me playing too fast or too early so he told me to listen with the drums playing along and I’m bad at listening so I would like to know if you have any ways to help me with playing with the rhythm correctly?


Hi Misty!

As an established musician and after 15 years of playing, I never thought I´d become a jazz musician and arranger. I went on a journey into unknown and between number of teachers I met the great master Herb Pomeroy.
At the very first lesson he manually wound my metronome and selected a rhythmic part. Then he asked me to constantly stomp my feet to the ground and keep the rhythm that he selected. Meanwhile he disabled the metronome and talked to me on various topics, while I still had to keep the same rhythm.

After 15 minutes, he enabled the metronome again and listened to my feet and said that I had a good timing.

In any case, you need to have the rhythm inside yourself, and results might not come right away. Try to align the rhythm of your feet with the exercise you are performing. You can also practice with a metronome or rhythm machine.
Practice slowly from the start and increase the speed gradually. Slow rhythms are much harder to manage than fast rhythms. There is no deviation in rhythmic instrument.

And don´t forget, slow and steady wins the race!


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