True story or how music saved my life

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There is a small difference between a story and the truth. But it is also an important one in the life of a man. There are a lot of stories, but just one truth – my truth.

It was long time ago, but I still remember it well; while a lot of events sink into oblivion. After finishing vocational school as a music teacher, I continued training and specialization as a violinist in the big city.

The city I lived in did not have possibilities for getting a higher education, and so, twice a week, I traveled to the metropolis that was 70km (44miles) away. I even traveled at three o’clock in the morning.

There were several of children in our bourgeois family. It was the period after the Second World War and we did not have much money. Everybody in our family worked in their spare time in order to contribute something to the family fund. I played in bars with a variety of different artists. It was then when I got the broad spectrum of experiences.

my storyLike two lovers – Me and my violin traveled to lessons every day. After more than two hours of driving, I arrived in the metropolis. In the classroom, I always tried to be among the best, and in many cases I was. Even though the bow fell out of my hand on occasions, soon, I was even better than my teacher.

Because I did not have money for the trip home, I often traveled with a freight train. I sneaked in and stayed in a cabin in the middle of the composition of the train.

There was one of the auxiliary brakes that were used to slow down the train. When I arrived to my city and if the train did not stop, I used the brake to slow it down, just enough that I could jump out – freight trains were very slow in those days.

This time it was different as I did not slow the train down, but I actually stopped it! An engineer rushed into the cabin, covered in grease from head to heal. He grabbed me by the jacket, but when he saw that I was practically a child, he let me go.
He was furious and yelling every swear word in the book, but when he came to his senses and calmed down, he offered me some water. I was so scared that I could not drink and so I spilled the water on my pants.

That time music literally saved me. He put me in front of the wagon and ordered me to play him something. I am sure that since then I have never had a better vibrato, because I was shaking so much.

Then he let me go and shouted: “If I catch you again, I will break that violin on your head”. I never complained to anyone – and so the truth came out today!

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