Example of bass solo with elements of funk slap (VIDEO)

Fire has many faces. When we think of fire we imagine a vision and a bright image that warns us not to play with it. A flame is a spark, which develops into a fire.

My composition is called Fire and therefore starts of quietly and unnoticeably. It is like a fire of a prehistoric man that intensifies slowly, until that point when it becomes dangerous. It burns for a while and then, just as any fire, it burns out.

In my compositions I used elements of smooth jazz and some elements of funk. The bass guitar gives the composition colour, importance and playfulness, which is a characteristic of a fire.

I invite you to listen, comment and download the song. Enjoy!

HQslapBass Master Fire Cassette

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1 abeyeassefa June 23, 2013 at 4:59 pm

Great and useful for bassist


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