Post image for Do you have the tools to become a great slap bass player?

Do you have the tools to become a great slap bass player?

With more than 45 years of professional experience I will help you to:

» Understand how to practice the right way.

» Teach you simple tricks that will bring you results.

» Become great at using funk slap techniques, either playing yourself or with a band.

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I present you with a series of carefully selected studio recordings on how to use the bass guitar in practice. You can find different musical styles in an accompaniment and a solo version, together with rhythm. Examples are written for bass guitar in a modern way of interpreting tone designing. The recorded examples can be […]

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  In my long-time pedagogical practice in teaching students of different ages, I’ve noticed many mistakes. In this post I would like to point out 10 most common false guidelines in the very beginning of learning and practicing bass guitar. Many bass guitarists are asking: “How can I improve my slapping on bass?” or “How […]

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HQslapBass Old Violin

There is a small difference between a story and the truth. But it is also an important one in the life of a man. There are a lot of stories, but just one truth – my truth. It was long time ago, but I still remember it well; while a lot of events sink into […]

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How to choose bass guitar strings

The correct choice of strings is extremely important in order to achieve the proper sound of the bass guitar. There are different types of strings. We choose and set the strings on the bass guitar depending on the genre of music and on what kind of music band we play in. At the very beginning […]

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Fire has many faces. When we think of fire we imagine a vision and a bright image that warns us not to play with it. A flame is a spark, which develops into a fire. My composition is called Fire and therefore starts of quietly and unnoticeably. It is like a fire of a prehistoric […]

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Modern funk slap examples

In my long professional music career as a bass guitarist, double-bassist, composer and arranger, I have seen many examples of funk which are explained to students in a harder final difficulty level of technical and harmonical knowledge. But they lack simpler examples which could be upgrade according to difficulty levels and different styles and music […]

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How to play a bass solo

In modern playing, bass solo is an increasingly used musical part in different musical genres – in small and big musical groups. It is often used especially in small groups. For a long time the bass guitar is no longer merely an accompaniment instrument. That is why we have to dedicate a lot of time […]

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Interesting bass lines

In almost all music genres of modern times, whether it is Latin music, rock, blues, R&B, soul or fusion, every bass guitarist wants to be effective, well known and respected. This is not merely our own wish, it is what the audience and the musicians we play for expect of us. We can achieve all […]

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